Okay so I'm new to off-road. I need advice on tires for a umber of vehicles. I recently won a Team Associated SC6.1 . I'll probably be running at either TheBarnYard or the RC Clubhouse in a number of classes. All 1/10, 2wd (either rear or mid motor) buggy, 4wd buggy, either my new SC6.1 or an XXX-SCT (as there I'm confused as to the est to run on dirt (rear or Mid motor) I'm confused as o which works better on dirt. I'll also probably be running an T/A SC10 4x4. In Your opinion What is the best tire for running on the dirt/clay of either the BarnYard or The Clubhoue? Do you use the same tires in all classes or is each different , or is 4wd different from 2wd?