Hello All, In this tutorial I am going to show you how to post a photo here on RC ForumZ.

So you have a photo that you want to show off to everyone on RC ForumZ. That is great here is how you can do just that. The first this is to make sure that is it formatted correctly to work on RC ForumZ. You can use the following file formats here which are the most popular:

File Type | Max File Size | Max Width | Max Height

bmp | 1.58MB | 3600px | 3600px

gif | 1.58MB | 3600px | 3600px

jpe | 1.58MB | 3600px | 3600px

jpeg | 1.58MB | 3600px | 3600px

jpg | 1.58MB | 3600px | 3600px

pdf | 29.3 KB | |

png | 1.58MB | 3600px | 3600px

How to post a photo on RC ForumZ-picture-size-jpg

Most of the problems that are associated with posting photos around here are normally format errors. If you do not know how to edit your pictures you can read my how to edit your photo tutorial right here: How to edit your photos so you can use them here on RC ForumZ!. Once you picture is formatted correctly it should upload without problems. Here is how to do it.

After opening a thread you will need to find the insert photo button.

How to post a photo on RC ForumZ-post1-jpg

When you press that button a dialogue box will appear. If you are uploading a photo from your computer press the computer tab. From there you will have to press the browse button

How to post a photo on RC ForumZ-post2-jpg

When you press the browse button another dialogue box will appear. This is where you have to go look for your photo on your computer. Once you have located the file that you want to upload click on the file and then press the open button.

How to post a photo on RC ForumZ-post3-jpg

Once you do this it will return you to the previous dialogue box. You should see your file name beside the browse button. From there you will have to press the upload file(s) button.

How to post a photo on RC ForumZ-post4-jpg

If you have successfully uploaded your file you will see something like this in your thread.

How to post a photo on RC ForumZ-post5-jpg

There you have it. Rather simple right. Now that you know how to post pictures let's see tons of RC pics on RC ForumZ!.