Hello All, In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to post a batch of photos to RC ForumZ.

So you took a bunch of photos and you want show them off here on RC ForumZ. Well that is great we would love to see them. The problem is that going though the process of uploading each picture sounds like a lot of work, is int there a easier way. Well yes there is you can upload your photos as a batch. Here is how to do that method.

The first thing that you will want to do is to open a thread.

How to batch post photos on RC ForumZ-post1-jpg

Instead of pressing the picture insert button you will go down the screen to the Manage Attachments button.

How to batch post photos on RC ForumZ-post6-jpg

When you press that button you will open a different dialogue box. One that has an area to upload up to 10 photos or attachments at once.

How to batch post photos on RC ForumZ-post7-jpg

To batch upload it is the same process as a single upload. You will have to press the browse button.

This will open a dialogue box that will look something like this. You will select your file and click open. Please remember that it is one file per slot.

How to batch post photos on RC ForumZ-post3-jpg

After you have selected all the files that you want you can press upload to send all you photos or attachments at the same time.

How to batch post photos on RC ForumZ-post9-jpg

When your file are uploaded you will see something like this in the Manage Attachments Section.

How to batch post photos on RC ForumZ-post10-jpg

Now you know how to batch upload photos to RC ForumZ. Let's see who can upload the most photos!