Hello All, In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to post a video from a host like youtube.

So you have found a fantastic video on youtube that you would like to share on RC ForumZ. Everyone like videos and here is the way that you can share them so that everyone can see what you are talking about.

The first thing that you have to do is find a video that you like on a video hosting site like youtube.

How to post a video on RC ForumZ-video1-jpg

Places like youtube like for you to share their videos. They have created a easy way to link to their site by using the share button.

How to post a video on RC ForumZ-video2-jpg

When you press the share button it give you a link to the video that you are watching. You will need to highlite the text then right click and then copy to the clipboard.

How to post a video on RC ForumZ-video3-jpg

After you have logged on the RC ForumZ and started a thread you will need to press the insert video button

How to post a video on RC ForumZ-video4-jpg

When you press that button it will open a dialogue box. In the space provided you can right click and paste the url that you copied from youtube. Then press OK

How to post a video on RC ForumZ-video5-jpg

When you press OK, the dialogue box will close and you will see the video inserted into your thread. To make sure that it is in the correct place you should press the Preview Post button.

How to post a video on RC ForumZ-video6-jpg

You preview should look something like this.

How to post a video on RC ForumZ-video7-jpg

If you are happy with your thread you can press the Submit New Thread button

How to post a video on RC ForumZ-video8-jpg

Now you know how to post a video on RC ForumZ you can go and show off all the crazy RC videos that you can find on the net.