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Thread: car set up help

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    car set up help

    Im new to drifting but not RC . just wondering how to set up my car . camber/caster ride height just a good starting point. have the rear locked and front one way installed. and im running a Tamiya trf 415 chassis. any and all help is greatly appreciated

    thank you

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    Just guessing, But lower is always better as far as ride height on road. I would think for the rear you want as little neg camber as possib,e and either no toe or posative toe to make the back end come around quicker. Back suspension stiffer again to to help the backend break loose. I think the front you would want the same as any onroad car. Maybe even softer so that you can make quick changes of direction.
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    your going to right way the setup is all up to what type surface your running on you dont need a lot of camber when your running awd with a one way in the front and locked rear
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